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Parker’s Events is a small business and I love it that way. We do not have a storefront and I like it that way, too. This allows me to fully concentrate on you, and your floral designs, without the distraction of customers coming and going. We specialize in fresh floral designs for weddings, rehearsal dinners and bridal showers only.
I love the beauty found in the nature that God created. I cannot make a flower more beautiful than the way it was created, but I’ve been blessed with a talent to design them together with other elements to create a piece of art. After 17 years, I still hear my heart beating as I walk in with the bride’s bouquet, hoping it’s exactly what she wants. And then she smiles, or fans her face with her hands to keep from crying… and it’s all the assurance that I need to see that it’s just what she envisioned for her day.
About me:
I’m an outdoorsy family lovin’ girl. Put me in a State Park, on a hiking trail or in a Florida spring and I am one happy girl! I never stop being in awe of how beautiful and unique all of creation is. I love being around my kids and grandchildren. Saying that makes me feel old, but I have more energy than I did 20 years ago! I began 17 years ago as a wedding planner and florist. Eventually the love of designing florals outweighed the planning side. Now I just design flowers. But being a planner for so long provides me with the opportunity to help brides with all the elements of their wedding. What can I say? Weddings are in my blood! And I’m so grateful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with this gift to share.